About Me

Tom was born into a Christian home, grew  up going to church every Sunday, and went to a Christian school everyday. He was surrounded by Christians and Christianity every day of his life.  And yet never knew how God felt about him, believing that he was unimportant and insignificant to God.  He heard talk about how Jesus loved him but never knew it on a personal level.  He learned that as long as he followed all the rules God would be happy, and if he didn’t God would be angry.   So after years hearing about God, and feeling like God was completely uninterested in him personally he decided he was not interested in God either.
Then in June of 1995 Tom came to personally experience and know the extravagant, unreserved, and unrestrained love that defies description that God had for him personally.  In that life changing moment he came to know he was someone extremely important and deeply loved, not for what he could do, but simply for who he was as a person.   The fact that Jesus loved him went beyond a theory talked about in the Bible but to an experience that transformed him completely.  He came to know and understand what eternal life really was. John 17:3 “And this is the real and eternal life: That they know you, The one and only true God, And Jesus Christ, whom you sent”. In that moment he came to know God personally, intimately, and daily.
That life changing transformation and message is conveyed in every message that Tom shares with people.  In the years that followed Tom became a valuable youth leader who helped to influence the next generation, and a worship leader helping people to experience the presence of God for themselves.  Tom grew into one of key leaders in a local church where he spent many years leading and teaching. 
After hearing God’s call to change, Tom along with those he worked with, closed the church they had been leading together to step into the next chapter that God had for them and began the House Church movement called Apex Alliance.  Tom currently is the senior leader in the house churches and leads three home churches himself with plans to see God plant several more in his home city and surrounding area.
Tom has travelled to several nations and speaks boldly about the transforming power of the love and grace of God transforming lives with this life changing message.  Tom also teaches and helps believers discover who they are and helps them become the person that God created them to become, touching people with the love, acceptance and forgiveness that so deeply transformed his life.  Tom speaks prophetically over lives and helps people to see the potential that they have in Christ.  Every day Tom continues to walk on this exciting adventure with God learning more of Him each and every day, and learning more and more to walk with Him, and how to follow His lead as we go together “into all the world”,  helping others see and experience this life which is found in Christ.