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soul valueThe Value of A Soul

What is your soul worth? Do we live and act like it has value? What are we willing to trade our soul for? For many people in our world today the soul has value if it someone elses. We are taught by life and those around us to ignore ourselves and pursue life and goals. To acquire wealth and significance. To gain influence and sacrifice ourselves. Someone once said “I can sleep when I am dead,” This week we take a biblical look at our soul and the way that Jesus calls us to live and value our soul.

ShameThe Problem of Shame

There is something within all of us that we all deal with every day of our lives. At times it can dominate us, changing and limiting the way we relate to people around us, or is can be simply an emotion that we deal with and are able to move past. Shame is a part of all our lives and one of the most primitive of human emotions. It is also an emotion that very few people like to admit they have or are willing to talk about. We don’t have to live under the weight of shame. This week we examine the effect shame has on our ability to relate and ways we can overcome its effects in our lives which will allow us to enter into relationships and connect with people as we were created to.

wholehearted  Wholehearted

What does it mean to be whole hearted.  It is a phrase we as Christians use all the time but do we really understand what it means.  Is it really just mean to love God a whole lot and follow what He says.  It is a command of God for us to be whole hearted.  Jesus stated this in Matthew 22:37 what asked what the greatest commandment was.  Jesus stated that we are to love God with our whole heart, all our soul, mind, and strength.  And God spoke of David as someone who followed Him whole heartedly in 1 Kings 14:8 and David was famous most of all for the ways he didn’t do what God said and what it cost him.  So what does it mean to be whole hearted?  In this teaching we look at what the bible says about being and following Christ as David did, Wholeheartedly.

img0  The Church God Planned

Is the church we see modeled today what Jesus had in mind when He began our faith so many years ago.  Do our lives reflect the life Jesus calls us to?  In this teaching we take a look at the biblical understanding of the church and the thoughts and passions that were and are in the heart of Jesus when He thinks about the church.


Christian. It is a word that many people in our world use to define themselves and what they believe. But what does it actually mean? If you were to talk with 100 people you would get 100 definitions. Christian can mean so many things and they don’t even have to agree with each other. In some cases the way the word is defined by people feels like the complete opposite to what someone else defines it to mean. And that gets amplified because the world around us uses the same word to define the church they see regardless of whether or not they are the same. We all get the same label.

We use a word to define our beliefs that was never used in scripture and as a result there is no clear definition of what a Christian is, or what a Christian is supposed to believe or to behave like. This week we look at the origins of the word Christian and look at what Jesus clearly defined for us to be, believe and behave like.


How Far Do I Go

Jesus left us with some fairly clear commands regarding how we are to live with and treat each other and the world we live in.  Commands that are fairly difficult at times to live up to.  But how far did He intend for us to go in living out those commands?  The command of Jesus to love God with all we are and to love others and ourselves is pretty clear.  But we tend to ask ourselves When have I loved enough, forgiven enough, put others first enough?  Where is the loop hole?  When have I given up enough of myself that I don’t have to give anymore?  In this teaching we take at look at how far Jesus intended us to go.


The You Beside You

This week we look together at the message of Jesus and how we often get it mixed up. Our walk with God becomes with God alone. Everything begins to revolve around what God thinks of me and getting closer to Him. While this is something we need to be conscious of we often tend to overlook the fact that there isn’t just a vertical element to our walk with God, but also a horizontal element and the way we treat others was meant to be just as important as the way we feel about God.

img0.pngMuddying the Waters

Coming to know Jesus personally is life altering and incredible. Time and time again we hear testimonies of people who have come to personally know Jesus and the life He has for them and how their lives are full of hope and joy, and they know they are loved.

After awhile we tend to begin to take that life and allow other things to be added to it. And the life we once had tends to slip away and it begins to be replaced by routine.

It can be through what we experience, or what we have been taught, but many things in our lives take the purity of the living water within us and turn it into something no body, including ourselves if we were honest, wants. Jesus was and is someone who is truly irresistible and the church at one time was as well.

In this teaching we take a look at one of the key ways we as Christians have muddied the waters and made them unpalatable to world.

A matter of Imageimg0

God is always speaking to His children, and calling each one of us to reach into the world that we live in with His heart to those we come in contact with. But when God calls us our response is often the same as Saul when Samuel anointed him king of Israel “Who me? I am a nobody.” 1 Samuel 9:21.

When God speaks to us to step out in faith our response is often to look within for the resources to fulfill what God is speaking to us about. We see the limitations, the failures, the issues and we tend to miss out on what God wants to do instead of the power and infinite ability of God who called us.

Join us this week at Apex as we take a look at who we see when we Look in the Mirror


The church is Jesus’ idea and His plan to reach the world around us, but are we building the way that He designed?  Are all the customs and traditions that we consider to be ‘church’ really what He purposed?  In this teaching we look at the history of where we get our church today and look at the biblical idea of what Jesus truly intended, and as we do we bring the Christian life down to answering one question in every situation we encounter every day.

Vision Part 2 Where Are We

Every person has a purpose for being and it is up to us to determine what that purpose is.  We were created with purpose and no one is a mistake.  Most of us don’t tend to look for or find our unique purpose in life.  In part one we looked at the value in knowing your purpose.  In part two of this series we look at the first of two components necessary to a useful vision.

The Value of Vision

Andy Stanley wrote “Everybody ends up somewhere in life. A few people end up somewhere on purpose.”  Do you have a vision for you life?  Every person created has one.  For most of us it remains undiscovered.  God created each one of us with a purpose, a reason for being.  And it isn’t to live out the American dream.  What is the vision for your life?  Have you begun to understand the reason that God placed you here on this earth at this time?  It is there inside of you waiting to be discovered and lived out if you are willing to look.  In this teaching we take a look at vision and what value knowing what that vision is has for you life.

From Moments to Mission

Mark Twain said ““The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” Discovering your purpose is important and can be difficult. And once you know your purpose realizing that purpose can at times be discouraging.

One of the ways God uses to release us into His purpose for us is often overlooked and as a result many Christians spend their lives complaining about what is happening instead of realizing the hand of God in their lives and so they miss out on what God is wanting to accomplish and release.

In this teaching we will look at the lives of Joseph and David and see the ways that God moves us forward in our lives and the moments in our lives that if worked through properly allow us to discover and be released into our life’s mission.

What is Faith Really?

Faith. It is something that is extremely important in our lives as believers. Without it scripture says it is impossible to please God. But do we know what it is? Is it a way to get God to move in our lives? Do we have enough faith? How does faith work? In a time where countless definitions abound are we able to describe what faith really is? Can we explain it and how it works to those who do not yet know God?

In this teaching we take a foundational biblical look at what faith really is, and how we can know how much faith we really have.

Stir It Up

Each one of us at times loses focus on what God wants for us and what He has given to us.  We can easily get distracted by all the circumstances we have to deal with every day just in normal life, let alone any of the problems that we encounter which take us away from what God wants to be doing in our lives and the lives of those we come in contact with.  Paul exhorted Timothy and called him to remember and to stir up, or rekindle the gift of God within him.  It is something that is easy to lose sight of if we allow it to happen. In this teaching we look at what it means to stir up God’s gift within us and how we make use of the gifts that God has given us as we relate to the world we live in.

When Faith is Silent

Our faith is meant to be shared, and a biblical faith is one that cannot be kept silent.  And yet 90% of Christians today will never lead a single person to faith in Jesus.  Today we look at ways that Jesus connected with His world and the simple ways that we can follow in His footsteps and reach into our world and allow Jesus to shine through us.

Making Jesus Real for the World to See

The world we live in sees little difference in our lives and when we talk about our faith there is little but doctrines that separate us from all the others.  And so the world is looking at us and asking what makes you different from any other religion.  What the world needs to see it the realness of Jesus demonstrated in our lives.

When Faith is Empty

Without faith it is impossible to please God and Jesus said that it will be done according to your level of faith.  Faith is essential to the life of a believer.  But what happens when life transforming faith simply slides into a routine?  Discover some warning signs that your faith might be running low and some simple ways to change it.


We all know what it is like to be offended.  It is a part of living around other people.  The only people spending large amounts of time together which are not getting offended are those in the morgue.  It is important that we deal with the offences that arise quickly not because they need to be dealt with.  The scriptures dealing with the handling of offences were not meant to be another rule to be followed.  Listen in to hear the big picture of why God wants us to deal with the issues that arise between us.

Amazing Grace

What is grace?  In a poll conducted in the US 98% of Christians couldn’t properly define what the grace of God was and why it was important.  When Paul wrote the churches he started or ended ever letter and many times he started and ended with “May the grace and peace of God be with you.”  Grace is extremely important to us a Christians.  Today we discover what it is and how we can respond to God’s gift of grace in our lives.

6 Ways to Check Your Churches Health – pt 2

Today we finish our look at the ways we can check our health.  Our health is something that can disappear on us if we don’t keep care of ourselves and monitor the state of our health.  And just like we all need regular checkups in the natural, we also need them in the spiritual.  Here are six common things which apply to us as Christians and affect our churches that we can look at to see what condition our health is in

6 Ways to Check Your Churches Health – pt 1

Our health is something that can disappear on us if we don’t keep care of ourselves and monitor the state of our health.  And just like we all need regular checkups in the natural, we also need them in the spiritual.  Here are six common things which apply to us as Christians and affect our churches that we can look at to see what condition our health is in.

Building Bridges #2Building Bridges #2 – The Power of Hospitality

Hospitality is one of the most effective ways to building relational bridges that we have and it is one that Jesus modeled throughout the gospels as He connected and related with people.  As Christians we can have doors of communication open to us where we can share who Jesus is if we are willing to demonstrate this with the people we come in contact with.  Today we learn what hospitality is and how we can incorporate it into our everyday lives.

img13Building Bridges or Barriers

As a church we say that people are not interested in God today.  And yet studies show that people are deeply interested, it is the church that they are not wanting.  Today we discover some of the ways we are building barriers to communication and sharing our faith instead of building bridges and how we can change so that we are able to connect with people and open doors where we are able to effectively share who Jesus is.

Eyes On The Road Eyes On The Road

What we focus on determines what our life becomes so it is important that we keep our focus on the things that are important.  Here we discover what allowed Jesus to be so influential in His world and what things we need to do to follow in His steps

The Gift It Takes A Lifetime To Unwrap The Gift it Takes a Lifetime to Unwrap

Christmas is the season that we as Christians celebrate the ultimate gift.  The time that Jesus entered our world to live as one of us and ultimately give His life to restore us to relationship with Him.  But have we opened our gift?  Have we stopped opening our gift?  Because the gift Jesus gives each of us is not a single event.

Listening In A Noisy WorldListening In A Noisy World

Jesus entered our world so that we could be restored to relationship with Him.  Which means we are able to communicate with Him and He can communicate with us.  In this teaching we discover some ways we can set aside the distractions and consistently hear the voice of God personally.

When God CallsWhen God Calls

How do we respond when God calls us?  For many people the first response is “Who, Me?”.  What follows is often a list of reasons we can’t do what God just asked of us.  Here we discover that when God calls us, He also qualifies us for the task.

Looking For Jesus, Settling For Religion Looking For Jesus, Settling For Religion

There was an old preacher who said “We are born again in the fires of revival, and we live our lives out in the ashes.”  For many of us as Christians what started out as an exciting walk with our God and Creator has been reduced to a set of rituals we perform which have little life in them.  In this teaching we discover some ways we can keep the fires of passion burning in our hearts and live our lives full of the life and power of Christ.

communicating-acceptanceCommunicating Acceptance

Communication is difficult, and accepting people like Jesus did is also difficult.  Combining the two together can be a problem for many people to overcome.  Here we discover how we can communicate the value God has placed on people and accept them for who they are.

acceptance-without-approvalAcceptance Without Approval

We don’t need to approve of everything people do to be able to accept them for who they are.