My Recommended Reading

These are some of the wonderful books that I have read that have impacted and changed my life.  It is a small list for now but it will continue to grow.


The Gift of Being Yourself

David G. Benner

“Grant, Lord, that I may know myself that I may know thee.” —Augustine  Many people talk of knowing God but have no understanding of who they are and who they were created to be.  And yet truly knowing God always brings you to understanding and knowing yourself.  This is a fantastic life changing read that will open your heart and life to the reality of who you were created to be if your brave enough.


The Ragamuffin Gospel

Brennan Manning

This is an exceptional read, which promotes the grace of God flowing in our lives and not the enforcing of rules and regulations upon our lives.  This book is worth the read for anyone interested in starting or growing a relationship with God.

The Normal Christian Life

Watchman Nee

A study of the book of Romans showing what a Christians life should be like.  A powerful and life changing read


Communicating for a Change

Andy Stanley

An excellent read for anyone looking to improve their communications.  Andy is a powerful teacher and shares some of the lessons he has learned that can help us as we try to communicate with others.

The Revolutionary Communicator

Jedd Medefind & Erik Lokkesmoe

A book which examines the communications style of Jesus and gives us 7 fundamental principles which we need to have in our communication style so we can impact, connect and lead in our generation.

Out of Your Comfort Zone

R.T. Kendall

Out of your comfort zone

A fantastic and deeply challenging read.  To often we are to comfortable with who we think God is and we need someone to shake us up a little and get us to open our eyes again to the greatness of God


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