A Time to Remember


Today is a day to remember the contributions of soldiers to the cause of freedom around the world. Many lives have been sacrificed to protect and ensure the freedoms that we take for granted today. And today is a day where Canada especially remembers its contribution and sacrifice. Canada has stood on almost every battleground and fought through history to preserve the cause of life and liberty since its formation in 1867. From its involvement in the 2nd Boer war, through WW1 and WW2, with the most famous battles being Vimy Ridge, Battle of the Somme, Passchendale, and Juno Beach at Normandy, Canada has stood tall and fought hard to protect our freedoms. We have sacrificed much and proudly held our heads high even during the famous defeats such as Dieppe and the defense of Hong Kong. We have had many glorious victories and may brutal defeats, and yet we can proudly say we are Canadian because of those who have gone before us and held up the cause for freedom and liberty, and sacrificed greatly for us.

Canada’s contributions have largely gone unnoticed, absorbed into the histories of the US and Britain. And yet we still contribute. Canada has had peacekeepers or soldiers in every major conflict around the globe since WW2 except for Vietnam and the second Iraq war. And we even had troops in both of those conflicts unofficially. Canada has served with distinction and honour with the exception of the Somalia Affair, and we can be proud of our contributions.

Today is the day where we remember that our freedoms have come a great cost, and where we can thank the veterans who have come home for their sacrifice and honour their contributions to the freedoms we value so highly. Canada can hold its head high and be proud of the contributions its soldiers have made and the sacrifice they paid. And their sacrifice continues today. Our vets are not just from WW2 and Korea, but also from Afghanistan and Bosnia and Kosovo to name a couple. We continue to stand tall on battlefields around the world, continuing to defend not just our freedoms, but the freedoms of those who cannot fight for themselves. Canada continues to champion the cause of life and liberty, and our sacrifice is appreciated. Today we thank all those men and women who continue to defend freedom, and all those who have come and gone before. Today we remember and honour you.

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