The Saga Continues

I must say that having an injury that perpetually won’t heal is frustrating.  At week 10 now I got to see my doctor for more xrays.  My thumb is still broken and still not healing.  And what I wanted to hear least I got to hear.  Again the doctors comment was another 4 weeks.  Seems like every time I get to see him he says something similar.

Everything in me just wants to get on with life and get back into the groove.  And yet my thumb keeps me held back.  And having never broken anything before I have no framework to go on.  So I can’t even know if something I am doing is adding to the wait, or if this is simply normal.  Kinda adds to the frustration.

However there are many other things the doctor could have said that could have been much worse.  I am still on the mend, but at least I am mending  and will be able to learn from the experience.  At least to not stick my thumb between moving objects 🙂