What is Going on God?

Many times in our lives we have all wondered what was going on. We have tried to answer the question of what is happening and where is God when things are going wrong. We have all asked God questions like “What is going on God?” or “Why is this happening to me?”.

I know I have asked these questions on several occasions. And people would tell me that God was trying to teach me something. Now to tell you the truth this never really helped me at all. I don’t know about you but when I am dealing with life that is trying to wash me away in a tidal wave of problems, trying to find out what God was trying to teach me and then not being able to figure it out and so having no answer that could help me understand and endure my circumstances just added to my frustration.

I recently came to understand what God was doing in my life when everything is going wrong. It helped me to understand that I hadn’t missed out on the purpose He had for me, I had just misunderstood the methods He was using to accomplish His purpose in me. And what a relief it was when I learned this. So let me share with you what I learned.

I have learned that there are 4 stages God brings each one of us through that will enable us to fulfill His purpose for us. God designed each one us with a purpose in mind. Not one of us is a mistake. We all have a reason for living. And the 4 stages God brings each one of us through can be summed up in one statement. Things happen TO me, so that things can happen IN me, so that things can happen THROUGH me.

There is a purpose for our struggles. God allows things in our lives to bring out His life in us. For we are supposed to be “Christ like” after all. And for many Christians this is a serious struggle for them to accomplish. We have forgotten that it is God’s job to bring out the life of Jesus in us. All we need to do is respond.

So what are the four stages we have to go through? They are;

    • Revelation
      • This is where God reveals to us both Himself and our purpose
    • Confrontation
      • This is where Things happen TO me.
      • This is where God deals with our character
    • Transformation
      • This is where Things happen IN me
      • This is where God changes our character
    • Manifestation
      • This is where Things happen THROUGH me
      • This is where our purpose comes to pass

It is important that we go through all of these stages, because if we don’t we won’t get to see the fulfillment of what God has purposed us for. And we can be encouraged that everything that happens in us is for our good. Even when it doesn’t seem that way. God desires greatly for us to become the people He designed us to be. For us to be fulfilled and excited by our lives. And if we are willing to allow Him to work in our lives and change us, we can see His plans fulfilled in us. Everyone of us has an amazing potential within us. It is up to us whether we accomplish and live out that potential or whether we simply let is waste away on the shelf.

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