Burning the Quran

Recently it has been in the news that a Christian church in Florida has decided to burn the Muslim holy book the Quran to commemorate the 9/11 attacks on the trade center in New York.  What an insult this is for the Christian community to bear.  This is not how Jesus would have us behave.  I have to wonder just what this congregation hopes to accomplish.

God’s plan for Christians was not for us to attack the things that we don’t agree with.  But for centuries this has been the case for many people who say they follow Jesus.  Jesus never attacked anyone’s beliefs.  I don’t think He would approve of this latest event that is being done I’m sure ‘In the name of Christ’.  It is no wonder the Christian community has been labeled as judgmental and close minded for decades.

This behaviour will do nothing to advance the Christian message.  This behaviour will only result in a deeper animosity and offense being created between Christianity and the world.  The Christian church and message is supposed to be one where everyone is accepted as they are and for who they are.  God values people, even the ones who don’t want to follow Him, and we as the church should be following His example.  Not doing such things to create a deeper separation between us and the world.

God loves people just the way they are.  Jesus died for us while we were still enemies Romans teaches.  He didn’t wait for us to choose to follow Him first.  God also loves us to much to leave us as we are, and when we decide to follow Christ He begins to change us from the inside out.  God gives us His power to live His way.  We get to live in relationship and partnership with God.

This behaviour is definitely not Christian behaviour, and I do have to say that I am deeply grieved by the position this congregation has decided to take, and the fact that they are being so public and vocal about it.  One more sad blot that we as followers of Christ have added to being a Christian.

2 thoughts on “Burning the Quran”

  1. Hi Tom,
    It sickens me that anyone could be so hateful.

    Yes ‘radical’ Islam has a lot of evil to answer for, however, our response as Christians should
    not be more of their own medicine. How does that make us different from them?

    I only hope the world can separate this behavior from that of true followers of Christ. But,
    unfortunately, the Church already does do enough things to give herself a black eye so this
    might just be added to the rest.

    I pray not.

  2. I totally agree!! These people are only out to start a war—not a good thing. And I don’t think they are Christian—they may think they are, but their actions speak otherwise. We need to pray for them so they will be stopped, and that they will repent in sorrow for their sin and properly accept Christ Jesus as their Savior and Lord. We pray they will see the light before they do this dastardly deed.

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