A little frustrated

Well it is week 8 of having a broken thumb, and my second week back at work.  And it has been a stretching time.  I am one who doesn’t sit still very well, just ask my wife.  She says I even fidget in my sleep.  🙂  So not liking to be still makes it even harder to not do something.  But my thumb refuses to be rushed.  At this point I still have 2 more weeks to go with a splint on, I finally got the cast removed, and hopefully that ends it.  So far every time I see the surgeon he says “another 2 weeks” and it is getting frustrating.

I want life to get back to normal and to stop having my thumb get in the way of everything.  Just one of those things I guess.  Everything has been a new trial and discovery.  Learning to simply live life without something you never even think about usually has been interesting.  You would be amazed at the simple tasks that cannot be done without a thumb.

But I did finish my second light duty week.  That in itself was a trial.  I have a very physical job, and work in some pretty inhospitable environments, and have been assigned a permanent helper.  As I am someone who is self-sufficient and doesn’t like needing help that has been a trial in itself.  Having to stand still and only give direction while someone else does the work is really difficult.

However, progress is being made, and hopefully this will be the last visit I need to make.  And then life can begin to return to normal.  I can start being useful at work, my thumb can stop being in the way.  I couldn’t tell you how nice it has been just to put on a jacket and two gloves. 🙂 And I can start playing my guitar again.  Lots to look forward to once my healing process completes.  And with any luck I won’t have to hear “two more weeks” again.

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