Something to think about

Security is something we all are looking for in life.  Something that we know we can count on no matter what.  And in this day and age it is seeming to be harder and harder to find.  We used to have job security.  People would work for the same company from the day they were old enough to work until they retired.  Companies were loyal to their employees and your job could be expected to be there each day as you went to work.  In today’s economy this is a thing of the past.  If you have a job your one of the lucky ones, and we are willing to make cuts and sacrifices to ensure we still have that job.

Security was also something we felt when we came home.  We could close the door and shut the big bad world out.  There was even a time when we didn’t lock our doors.  The world around us was a safe place and we were secure in that knowledge.  We were then safe and secure in our homes.  We could always come home and get away from it all.  Today home security system sales continue to increase.  We now need electronic systems guarding us for us to feel safe and secure.

Marriages used to be something we could feel secure in.  Rarely did you hear of a marriage ending in divorce.  Today this is a different story.  And estimated 50% of first time marriages now end in divorce.  The numbers increase the more times you get married.  67% for second marriages and and estimated 75% for third.  The days of till death do us part are over.  Seems we can feel secure only if we keep our partner feeling good.

All the things we used to feel secure in are disappearing.  The question is were they ever secure to begin with?  Helen Keller said “Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.”   So if security is simply a superstition why do we chase after it so hard?  I heard this quote recently and have begun to rethink my life accordingly.  Why is it we seek to find a sense of security when our hearts cry out for a sense of adventure.

I have found one thing in my life that I can be secure in.  My relationship with God.  He has promised to never leave me, to work everything for good, meaning I can’t make a mess so big He can’t use for good, and to always accept, love and forgive me unconditionally.  So even though life around me is in constant change and not always for the good I can always be secure in the fact that  I am never alone and there is a wonderful purpose for me to fulfill.  And my purpose is a custom designed, perfectly fitted adventure just for me.  The nice thing is the same can be said for you.  God doesn’t play favorites and what He has given me He is willing to offer to you as well.  I am jumping into the adventure with both feet and launching forward into the unknown.  I welcome you to join me in the excitement.

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