One life to live

Our lives are often full of missed opportunities.  We have second guessed ourselves and often missed out on opportunities for growth.  We didn’t take that trip through Europe because work needed us here.  We didn’t jump in to that business opportunity because we were uncomfortable with the risk.

I, like you, can list the opportunities missed.  And later in life we often sit and wonder ‘what if’.  We allowed the fear of the unknown, or the weight of responsibilities to hold us back.  Or we kept ourselves to where we felt comfortable.  We stayed with the status quo.  And yet this isn’t how we were meant to live.

We were meant to live on the edge.  Like Jim Carrey in ‘Yes Man’ who was launched into the adventure of a lifetime simply by saying yes, we were meant to live outside the box.  We only get to come this way once.  God doesn’t believe in recycling.  My friend always says “Life isn’t a dress rehearsal.  We only get to do this once.”  We don’t get to come back and try again.

“We cross our bridges when we come to them and burn them behind us, with nothing to show for our progress except a memory of the smell of smoke, and a presumption that once our eyes watered.”~ Tom Stoppard

My new question to myself is ‘What is stopping you?’  The dreams and ideals held deep within that we desire to see fulfilled, what is stopping you?   I have begun a new line of thinking in my life.  My new motto is becoming ‘Just Do It!”  Instead of holding to the norms of life, I am deciding to walk a new path, to set out in new directions and to set my eyes on new heights.  I don’t mean to walk away from the responsibilities and obligations we have in life.  But just  to begin to take some chances and launch out into  the adventure that God intended life to be.  I am beginning to look forward to the life He has for me.

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