time heals all wounds

We have all heard the saying that “time heals all wounds.”    We get wounded by friends for family members, or others who are close to us and we figure that if we give it enough time we will be able to move past it and be able to forget about what happened.    And yet the memories and often the pain continue to haunt us as we struggle to focus and continue with our daily life.  I agree with Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy when she said “It has been said, ‘time heals all wounds.’ I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, (protecting its sanity), covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. But, it is never gone.”  Time just doesn’t heal all wounds.

Some wounds require us to focus on what really happened within us.  Only be searching within can we find the answers to what went wrong and what we can do to change it.  Usually most wounds require the attention of the one who wounded us.  Unfortunately this is something we don’t want to do.  The one who hurt us is often the one that can bring healing to our soul.  Unless we are willing to begin to seek reconciliation with those who have hurt us, we can never truly be healed.  This starts first with forgiveness.  We have to forgive those who have hurt us, including ourselves.  Sometimes we are the bringer of the deepest wounds in our soul.  But even though forgiveness is our choice, it goes neglected and the blame often gets put on those who have hurt us.  They don’t deserve to be forgiven is often the feeling communicated.  Or I’ll forgive them when they come and apologize.  And yet unforgiveness binds us to the person who hurt us and to the hurt, and the person who caused the injury to us goes on with their life like nothing happened, often because they don’t know anything did happen.

And so we must choose to forgive, and often at times deal personally with the one who hurt us.  A face to face meeting to discuss what happened, and allow ourselves to feel the hurt, and to communicate the hurt so the one who hurt us can see the damage and offer their side of the story.  Quite often the hurt is caused by a misunderstanding, and unless it is talked about true understanding can never come.  If we choose to allow time to bring the healing we will continue to wander through life never being truly free of the pain within.  But if we choose to deal with the cause of the pain, we can make inroads into self discovery and freedom that can only come by facing the issues and bringing resolution to them.

2 thoughts on “time heals all wounds”

  1. Look for the solution in any circumstance that seems to be beyond your control. For every problem there is a solution. By concentrating only on the problem, the solution is removed from you by your own desire. By looking for and reaching for the solution, your mind will remember how to access the part of the mind where God abides. No one can do this for us, it is an individual choice that remains open to us, but is not evident unless we search for it.

    There is another way. The answer does not lie in time or in another idea that has been born in time. It is in our own mind. By learning to access and using another level of mind, we can heal not only ourselves, but also the world because accessing this part of our mind joins us with something Greater than ourselves. Learn to be a part of the healing force that will move the world beyond any perceived conflict. It all begins by learning to become master of your own mind. http://healing.about.com/od/selfpower/a/cantimeheal.htm

    “Claudine Struck “The Stress Expert” author of “How to Stay Sane When Life Isn’t.” If you are ready to make you a priority, cultivate healthy relationships and live a more sane, happier life then this inspirational and unique approach to integrating mind, body spirit is for you. . Get free tips and yoga mp3 download now at http://www.staysanenow.com

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Claudine. I went to the links you referred and read them over. Unfortunately I have to disagree with you on one point. You mention that we can heal ourselves by finding “the part of our mind where God dwells”. Unfortunately we can never find this place because God doesn’t live there.

      The scriptures teach that the heart or mind of man is desperately wicked. Jeremiah 17:9. Which is why the world around us is in such a mess. If we just look to what is within us we can never hope to get anything else. Jesus Himself said that no one is good except God.

      Also the bible teaches that we are separated from God eternally because of disobedience to Him(sin) and a holy righteous God cannot dwell or abide with a sinful man. All sin is an abomination to God. So we can never reach Him on our own.

      The good news is Jesus came and died to pay our penalty for our sin and opened the door to encountering and coming to know God. Our choice is whether or not we accept His invitation to enter or not. If we do we then can “find God” and come to know Him personally and then as we respond to Him He changes us from the inside out. In order for us to heal or change it requires us to replace what is bad in us for what is good. If we try to “find God within” we simply replace dirty rags for dirty rags, and we remain unchanged.

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