A world without standards

There seems to be a prevalent thought pattern that permeates our world today. A thought pattern that says what is right for you isn’t right for me. I can decide my own truth. We seem to think that this is a new way of doing things, as we have “evolved” to the point where we no longer need absolutes anymore. Our society has developed to the point where we can each decide for ourselves what is true and right. And yet more than two thousand years ago the bible records that the children of Israel had this same thought pattern. “Everyone did what was right in their own eyes”

So we have not “evolved” past the need for absolutes. We just have become so proud of ourselves and our accomplishments that we think we can decide for ourselves what is right and wrong. Just like every other society that has come and gone before us. Historically shortly before a societies downfall they had this same thought pattern. It led to perversion and lawlessness, and eventually destruction. And it seems that we still have yet to learn from those who have gone before us, as we continue to repeat the same mistakes.

And yet we have a double standard in life, because we require others to live up to a standard, while we choose what is right for us. We see this often while we drive. We want to drive anyway we think is right, and get angry with anyone who gets in our way, and then call anyone else an idiot who does the same. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

We expect the builder of our homes to build to a standard. How would you feel if a contractor came to build your home and pulled out a tape measure he had made himself. It just wouldn’t sit well, and we would probably reconsider the fact that we hired him. And yet this is what we do everyday. We have designed our own standards (tape measure) to design and build our lives with. And we wonder why our homes are crooked and things just don’t seem to fit together.

We are a society that builds and runs on a “do what feels good” mentality that refuses any outside interference with what it determines is right. If we all designed a ruler, and then used it to draw a 6″ line, we would all, in theory have the same size line, but when you put them beside each other there would be slight to drastic differences. Not one of them would be the same.

And yet we continue to build our lives with our own standards. If we are to be who we were truly meant to be we will have to build on strong absolutes. A truth cannot be right for you and wrong for me. Truth is only truth when it is absolute and truth for all. We must begin to build again on truth and right standards. Only then can we stand strong and firm.

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